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Do You Believe in Destiny?

I am a child of the Jamaican diaspora born in America. But I started playing the saxophone because of a beautiful Jamaican man who came back into my mother's life after they had been lost to each other for 22 years. I was 7 years old. After a 15-month (re)courtship, they got married and, subsequent to that, and with our consent, he legally adopted my older sister and me. Though I never got enough years with him — he died after a battle with cancer when I was 14 — what he gave me was quality time.

I remember the hours he spent sharing his extensive music collection with me — the musical education he gave me on jazz greats like Charlie Parker and Miles Davis and more contemporary artists like Walter Beasley and Candy Dulfer. These were the times that inspired my love of music. I knew I already had the genes. But my adoptive father is the one who watered and fertilized the seeds embedded in those genes. In fact, I chose to play the saxophone in marching band throughout high school precisely because of those times with my dad.

So, as I share with you this snippet of my work on the saxophone know that this particular piece comes from a deep love for my dad and the legendary band he introduced me to: Earth, Wind & Fire. My dad may no longer be here physically, but I feel his presence each time I blow that instrument. And I know he's proud.

Watch this space for my cover of SEPTEMBER, coming soon on my upcoming EP: "I Am LEV".

Love and Light, Liorah ✨⭐✨⭐

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