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Berklee Grad Liorah LEV Steps into the Spotlight with “I Am LEV”

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Nov. 19, 2021

MIAMI, Fla.—Blending reggae, EDM, funk, electronic pop and jazz, Berklee graduate Lindsay Levy, known by her stage name “Liorah LEV,” released her debut EP Friday, Nov. 19, 2021. Titled “I Am LEV,” the eclectic EP is a culmination of sounds from various genres that showcases LEV’s dynamic range.


“On a debut EP, I felt it was important, especially as a singer-songwriter-producer, to showcase my musical interests and talent in a way that doesn't place me inside a box,” LEV said. 


Five of the six tracks—written, sung, and co-produced by LEV—were each inspired by her own life experiences during trying times. The sixth track, an acoustic jazz rendition of Earth, Wind & Fire’s iconic hit “September,” unveils her impressive skills on the alto saxophone.


“If I'm going to do a cover, I'm going to own it and make it ‘mine,’ and I think I have done that successfully,” LEV said.


On this EP, LEV also felt it was important to include lyrics that promoted female empowerment. On her third track, “Gorgeous,” LEV raps, “Beauty comes in every shape, comes in every size. Got thick thighs, pretty eyes. You better recognize. Don’t try to criticize who I am or what I do. Cuz, baby, I’ma be me so, honey, you do you.”


“Nerve,” the fifth track on the EP, is a roots reggae original that pays tribute to LEV’s Caribbean roots. Though born and raised in “the 3-0-5” (Miami), she is a child of the Jamaican Diaspora. She hails from a musical family, which includes The Voice Season 5 winner, Tessanne Chin.


Graduating and launching her music career in the midst of a global pandemic presented serious challenges. Undeterred, however, LEV sought innovative ways to produce, collaborate and record her first EP remotely.


“You use the tools at your disposal to innovate,” LEV said. “And if that meant recording in my closet, so be it. It provides great acoustics, by the way.”

According to LEV, her stage name fuses her identity with her vision. “‘Liorah’ translates to ‘I have light’ in Hebrew, which is a nod to my family’s Jewish heritage and my desire to be a light-bearer,” she said. “‘LEV’ is an acronym for ‘Lifting Every Voice.’ Ultimately, my goal as a musician is to tap into my inner light, so I uplift others to find their own voice." 





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