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Paying Homage to My Jamaican Roots - With NERVE!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Hello LEVers! You are my beautiful tribe of lifters, committed to doing the heavy lifting that will make the world a better place for us to coexist. Ultimately that's my mission - music is just the platform. And my artist name, Liorah LEV, speaks to that. LEV is not just an abbreviation of my real name; it is also an acronym for Lifting Every Voice. l cannot wait to share some news with you about my upcoming LIVE PERFORMANCES, which will be broadcast to a GLOBAL audience. But that will have to wait a bit. WHY? Because TODAY is the world premiere of my third single, "NERVE, which pays homage to my Jamaican roots and heritage. Jamaicans are a tough crowd when it comes to reggae music. After all, theirs is the gold standard that the world seeks to emulate in this genre. And we have LEGENDS - old and new - that have come through that island. Jamaica is little only in size! Speaking of which, I am eternally grateful to have been introduced to one of their legendary bass players, Frank Burt, who records with Buju Banton. He plays the bass guitar on NERVE, and I am grateful to Willie Stewart, former drummer from the legendary Third World band, who facilitated the introduction and gave the final approval for the mix. NERVE, which dropped at midnight on August 4, 2021, is also a "strategic move" for me. What I hope it highlights is that I'm not just an EDM artist. It is a four-minute roots reggae track that unexpectedly - and, I believe, delightfully - fuses jazz improvisations into the composition to provide another glimpse inside my upcoming debut EP, "I Am LEV". The album is truly an eclectic mix of my signature Pop EDM style along with pop, pop funk, and dancehall beats. So, please, join me today, August 10, alongside family and friends all over the globe for a LIVE Premiere event for "NERVE" on YouTube on August 10, beginning promptly at 2:00 PM EDT.

The premiere will last approximately 4:30 minutes and the LIVE CHAT promises to be an animated exchange. Therefore, please be prompt if you wish to share your thoughts and provide real-time feedback. _____________ While at the premiere, if you haven't already done so, please remember to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel.

My LinkTree has all my details and follow-links:

Therefore, please Like, Comment, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to all my social media

FYI: During the YouTube Premiere

A countdown theme will start 2 minutes before the Premiere. When the countdown is over, viewers may watch the video together in real time. Viewers can rewind the video, but cannot forward past what’s been shown live.

Viewers can continue to interact in the comments and live chat for the duration of the premiere.

After the Premiere ends

After the video premieres, the Official Video for "LET GO" will stay on Liorah's YouTube channel as a regular upload. The countdown theme won’t be included in the video after the replay. But the chat replay will remain available for viewers who want to experience the premiere chat after it has ended.

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