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Procrastination is More Than a Thief of Time

Some wise person once said, "Procrastination is the thief of time." It is sooo easy to put off for "tomorrow" the things we know we should do today. But there are so many assumptions in that. That we will be alive, for one. That we will be in good health. That the circumstances which will allow us to do that thing tomorrow will be the same as they are today. Even that network of people we may be privileged to enjoy.

I've come to realize recently that procrastination is not just a thief. Procrastination is also a dream killer and a clever disguise for FEAR. Fear of what comes next from actions we take today. Fear of failure. Fear of other people's opinions. Fear, even, of our own success. We always think we're ready. But that procrastination, it says something quite different.

Maybe, one of our biggest goals going forward should be to beat that procrastination over the head with an even bigger stick. After all, if you're not going to do anything, how will putting it off for tomorrow be any different than today?

What do you think?



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