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Song Choice, Song Choice, Song Choice!

Hey LEVers,

How are you all doing amid all the craziness around us? I care about you and hope you're coping well.

I am really excited about an incredible opportunity I was presented with recently to do live-stream broadcasts of my music before a global audience. Although I'm fully vaccinated, I realize that far too many of us still are not. Which means another lockdown is likely on the horizon.

This time around, though, I feel more prepared to respond professionally -- to perform in a way that has become the new norm when concerts and in-person appearances are risky.

[Side bar: Seriously, did you see pictures from Lollapalooza in Chicago earlier this month? One hundred thousand attended what many called a "super spreader" event and left Rolling Stone

This time around, I have already released three tracks from my upcoming EP, I Am LEV -- Check my LinkTree in Bio -- and this means that I now have the ability to perform covers as well as my own music. Yay!

As I get ready to go LIVE, here's my question for YOU?


Song choices matter. In fact, I can hear Simon Cowell in my head: "Song choice. Song choice. Song choice." For sure, that can either make or break an audition or performance. So let me know those songs YOU think I should cover and include.

The BEST news is that I can do UNLIMITED performances, each of which can qualify me to be chosen for live concerts at future high profile events.

So, can I count on your support when I go LIVE? And if so, please start with those song requests on which you can "hear" my voice!!

Love and Light,

Liorah ✨⭐✨⭐

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