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The Greatest Challenge of Being Alive

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Hello Beautiful LEVers!

These past few months have reminded me that the MUSIC BUSINESS is TWO WORDS. Making MUSIC is only one part. The BUSINESS side has a steep learning curve. What you learn in school is clearly just theory. It is no small feat for an independent artist to push out three original tracks in two months. But today, I am reminding myself that "impossible" is just an opinion - even when that opinion is my own.

The Official Lyrics Video for my third single NERVE was released not quite a week ago, August 10th. And It is already receiving rave reviews - and views - especially within the Jamaican community. Which really warms my heart and encourages me to press on. I took extra care with this track and I'm truly happy with the end product. But more importantly, the embrace of people I identify with fills me with such joy!

That is no small thing. In these times, we must find joy in the little and the big things.

In this second wave of the Covid pandemic, our hospitals are in overload, again, and people are dying in massive numbers, again. I cannot even begin to imagine having to face another lockdown. I'm fully vaccinated and realized that this situation was all so completely avoidable. On top of far too much already, the pictures coming out of Afghanistan are heartbreaking!

Yet, as this new week begins, I am reminded of our real mission here as messengers of Light:

"This, my dear, is the greatest challenge of being alive. To witness the injustice of this world and not allow it to consume you."

Think on that as you go about the busyness of the week. I wish you joy!




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